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We are so exciting about our 20th anniversary and our brand relaunch including this new website and blog in April, 2016.  We are inspired, we are committed and we are excited for what's next! 

We thank those of you that have supported us through the years, our families (my kids who could tie chair bows before they were in school), for the vendors who we adore and now many are good friends.  We thank our clients that have trusted us with such special times in their lives and that continue now to recommend us to their family and friends.  We would not be here with you!  Many of these clients we have worked many times by doing multiple weddings is a family!  The records are the Clancy's, 3 sisters in 7 years , the Grace family, 3 in 6 years, and now the Perry's, 3 weddings in 4 years. And, we have families like the Snyder's and the Hayden's, and the Grote's with two weddings in less than one year!  What an honor!  

We look forward to being a part of your futures!


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Arte De Vie
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
By Elisa MacKenzie
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This summer my daughter studied abroad in Europe and white she was in Paris I had a surprise photo shoot arranged for her.  The photos are stunning and I will treasure them forever.  Then just recently i had the opportunity to sit down with that photographer here state side and am thrilled with this new personal and business relationship.  Arte De Vie is location in New Orleans and Paris and CheyAnne is just lovely, inside and out and her work reflects that.  I can wait to get her on the books with us.  Enjoy peeking into their artistry.