Who is Elegant Events:  We're a full service professional wedding planning boutique that specializes in “couture wedding and event coordination."  You receive so much more than just "day-of"assistance.  We work together with our clients to create an experience that will have their guests saying, "this is the best wedding we have ever attended!"  We offer a rare mix of professional consultation and  couture coordination that provides a very unique level of service that results in one amazing event!  

What we do:  We love doing ethnic weddings!  We have experience in Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Middle Eastern wedding. We are an all-inclusive company and welcome diversity!

Why Hire Elegant Events:  We love what we do and we are good at it!  We have the passion, the education, the expertise, and the seasoned staff committed to work with you in a collaborative relationship that will make a tremendous difference in your, your family and your guest's experience!  It’s really just that simple!  

When Something Goes Wrong:  We are trained in risk assessment, trouble shooting and crisis management.  There is usually that one moment when we "save the day" at every event:  the violinist is lost, the cake is about to fall, the restroom is out of order, etc. We handle these little (some times not so little) issues so you don't have to. 

Where to Find Us:  We are happy to have you visit our Ft. Thomas studio or we can meet you in a location that is more convenient for you.  We do request an introductory meeting (no obligation of course) to determine the scope of your event.  We then create a custom proposal especially for you; listing in detail the specific services we are offering for your event and the fee to do so.  

“I’d love to buy you a coffee or a glass of wine and hear all about your plans to date and see if Elegant Events might be the right fit for you.” 


Elegant Events | Elisa MacKenzie, MWP
couture wedding and event coordination
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