Great Saves

Great’s always something at every wedding, but here are a few.

The bridesmaid that got sick in the limo

...and all over herself, just as the limo was pulling up in front of the church, about 15 minutes before the ceremony and just before the bride arrived in a classic car behind them. We grabbed the baby wipes and paper towels for the worst of it. Next, we used the body-fresh deodorant wipes along with some stain remover. All was tossed away in a plastic garbage bag. We had her stand in the sunshine until the time for the ceremony to begin and no one, not even the bride, noticed.

When they dropped the bride during the Hora

...and as she fell, her groom reached for her and also fell, right on top of her. We grabbed the ice pack and ace bandage from our emergency kit, plus a few Advil, and our Bride was back on her feet in no time. Watch for us on “Funniest Home Videos”!

When her mother drooled red dye on the brides’ gown

...just as we were entering the room to check on the bride, who was getting dressed. The mother of the bride had recently gotten new false teeth and was having a bit of trouble with them. She had just taken a cherry cough drop. She zipped her daughter’s gown and turned her around to say how beautiful she looked. As she spoke, she accidentally spat red dye right down the front of the wedding dress. Shout wipes in our pockets and perfect timing saved the dress. We instantly jumped in and began clean the stain. It all came out but a faint pink that no one noticed. Even so, the mom cried for 15 minutes.

When the groom forgot his black socks

...he called down from his hotel room to the ballroom, where we were setting up for the reception. He had to be ready for pictures in 10 minutes and knew his bride would kill him if he was late. We had him meet us at the elevator with black socks...we carry those in our e-kit (emergency kit), too.

When they forgot honeymoon luggage home and had a flight at 7:00 a.m. She thought the luggage was in her mother’s hotel room and the parents thought it was in her’s. Finally, at the end of the evening around 1:00 a.m., they realized it was left behind. They went to their bridal suite and we went to their parent’s home and got the luggage. We dropped it back at the hotel where it would be ready for the happy couple as they caught a shuttle at 5 a.m. to the airport. At least they were able to get a few hours of “sleep”.

When grandma had a “little accident”

...and was looking for the bathroom. She didn’t want her daughter to have to take her and miss the bride and groom’s intro and the cutting of the cake. We took grandma to the potty, helped her change (she had come prepared), and Mom didn’t have to miss a moment of her daughter’s wedding.

When red wine spilled down the front of the bride’s gown

...just as she was being announced into the reception. A guest stood, his jacket hit his glass and red wine poured down on her: from her waist to the floor. We had her keep walking right pass the head table, out the side door, and straight to the restroom. Guests thought she was just bustling her dress. We used club soda and salt to remove the stain (can only be used if the right material) and, in just minutes, the bride was back with her groom ready for her first dance. Of course, the guest that did the deed left.

When the bride didn’t have time to pack for her honeymoon

...and asked us to go and do it while she enjoyed herself at the reception. She said not to worry, everything was laying out on her bed. She didn’t happen to mention, though, that all the stuff she had out would not fit in the suitcase she left for us. We ended up emptying out the items in our e-kit (emergency bag) and she took it to Hawaii. Now that’s a e-kit doing double duty.

When the church didn't provide robes for the servers which we found out at rehearsal the next morning we were in search for robes while the wedding party and family went about their day getting ready.  we had to a bit of tracking down and pulling in a few favors but no one ever through of it again and the robes "just appeared" for ceremony without a through for the family. 



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