Here are a few video clips from some recent weddings.  They always make me tear up!   Enjoy! 



Elegant Events by Elisa | Elisa MacKenzie, MWP
16 N. Fort Thomas Avenue | Fort Thomas Kentucky 41075
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  • Ariel and Jonah

    What an amazing wedding and family! Love the "same-day edit from Studio Z.

  • Missy and Michael

    Very special client! Easy to see why in this clip. Videography by Lifetime Films

  • Sarah and Oren

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl! She stole my heart.

  • Nadyne and Ben

    Great way to end the year with the wonderful wedding! Videography by Lifetime Films.

  • Mallory and Jeff

    Love this family. And they have the sweetest love story that began with a box of chocolates when they were just kids.

  • Bizzie and Adam

    Got to love a groom in a uniform and look how lovely his bride!

  • Christie and Mason

    Loved doing this wedding! One of my favorite families.

  • Ali and Danny

    I have had the pleasure to work with this family quite a few times, with siblings and cousins, etc. What an honor!

  • Jill and Zac

    Adorable couple. Miss working with them.

  • Diana and Adam

    How lovely! The couple, the venue, the florals, this family!

  • Kailey and Eric

    Another Hilton wedding, each one as breath taking as the first. How lucky are we to have this venue in Cincy.

  • Ashley and Robb

    This wedding is very special to me as is this family! Another great same-day edit by Studio Z.

  • Jennifer and Greg

    One of my very favorite. Actually won a national award along with the Hilton and Ford Ellington for this one!

  • Kathleen and Blake

    Love this family! I did both Kathleen's sister's and brother's weddings. What an honor to be invited back again and again!