Tips for Big Event

Some of our Favorite Tips for our Couples:

  • Consider sending invitations to formally ask those you have selected to be your attendants. This is a great way to express how special they are to you and how honored you would be if they accept.
  • Have your nails done the day before and have your hair stylist and makeup artist come to you on the wedding day.
  • Your programs are a great way to personalize your wedding. This is the perfect place for information you want to share with your guests like a favorite poem or how the two of you met or became engaged.
  • Be sure to set aside a few private moments for the two of you, either right before or right after the ceremony. This will probably be the only time you’ll have to be alone for hours to come.
  • Make a point to do something thoughtful that day. Leave a card for your parents or have breakfast with your grandmother. Maybe send a note to your future wife/husband just moments before the ceremony.
  • Have a special guest introduce the wedding party when they arrive to the reception, rather than the emcee, possibly a grandfather or a brother, etc.
  • Don’t forget the honeymoon suite. Prepare a basket of sweet things including champagne, glasses, snacks, bubble bath, lotions, room spray, candles and most importantly, access to romantic music. This can make the most basic of rooms “unforgettable."
  • Ask to have your invitations hand cancelled at the post office. It makes for a much more elegant look.
  • Always be the gracious host. Consider your guests in all your decisions and add things to make your guests feel welcome and bags, weekend agendas, maps, etc.

A few More Suggestions:
  • Try on the, really try it on. Make sure before you and or your groomsmen leave the tux shop, that each of you completely try on your tux. This will prevent one of the biggest problems that happens almost every wedding.
  • Don’t forget your black socks! If you don’t own them, you can get them at the tux shop too. Maybe pick up an extra pair just in case.
  • Wear sun block the day before and the day of the wedding! Nothing worse than having the guys show up looking like lobsters.
  • Consider having separate ushers from your groomsmen. You and your groomsmen may be busy with pictures before the ceremony, your ushers will be free to arrive to the church early and be ready to greet your first guests.
  • Get to know the timeline for the wedding day. It will help keep you and you guys on time if you are aware of the timing and order of events. Example, you can’t have the limo make an extra stop (beer run) on the way to the church... if the same car is scheduled to go back and get the girls and have them back to the church before the ceremony begins.
  • Think about sending something special to your bride/groom the morning of the big day, a hand written note or a bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  • Don’t forget your mom, a nice note to your mom or parents will make their day, too.
  • Have something arranged special for the bridal suite. Any room can be made special with just a few extra touches, a card addressed to “my wife/husband” or her favorite candies left on the pillow....a perfect end to a perfect evening!
  • Consider taking dance lessons for your First Dance. Your bride and your guests will love it. 
Preparing for the Wedding Rehearsal:
  • Would the officiant like the marriage license at rehearsal?
  • How long will the rehearsal take?
  • Does the officiant have/need a mike?
  • What are the restrictions for the Photographer? Videographer?
  • Is there a dressing/waiting area for the Wedding Party?
  • Is there a kneeling bench?
  • Is there a Chuppah? A table?
  • Will the Wedding Party stand during the ceremony?
  • Which side of the church/synagogue is the bride’s side?
  • Where do the ushers sit after they are finished seating guests?
  • Are parents to be ushered out of the church or follow the wedding party?
  • Are the guests to be released by ushers or follow the wedding party out?
  • If alter or aisle candles are being used is candle lighter provided?
  • If there is an aisle clothe, who will place and secure it?
  • If altar pictures are before ceremony, will the aisle cloth be placed after pictures?
  • How does the bride prefer the men stand? At the alter with hands at side, front or back?
  • How will the bride and maids hold their bouquets?
  • How many pews/rows does each family need to reserve in the front?
  • Who will have the rings on wedding day?  


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